Art and Food in Nuuksio

8.-19.6.2019 on a nature path starting from the Finnish Nature Centre Haltia.

Nielu is an open-ended art and food event in Nuuksion Lake Highlands. Ten works are being built in the forest, and one can eat dinner.  

Nielu is made by a group of artists, cooks and researchers. Artists are building ten installations and doing performances, while cooks are creating edible pieces of art which you can enjoy inside another artwork. Researchers from the fields of environmental philosophy, environmental humanities and energy and philosophy are helping artists to deal with our big theme, environmental change. There will also be panel discussions with the philosophers and artists.

The exhibition in Nielu is free and open for everyone. It is organized during the brightest time of the year and you can visit our exhibition even in the middle of the night. If you have any questions please email

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