We are a group of two cooks and nine artists who created Nielu. Here you can find introductions of us and links to our websites and social media pages. Feel free to contact any of us if you want to know more about this project or someone's work in particular.

Valtteri Sinkkonen & Nico Österberg


Food and art are interesting subjects on their own but even more fascinating together. In Nielu’s restaurant installation we will dig into the environmental effects of eating and dining as a social situation. In the installation, combining food and visual art, we will be serving a high quality dinner in the forest.

Humanity has wandered too far from the origin of food. Due to this we want to bring the diner back to the nature, to the origin of the ingredients.

We are Sås Catering, a two friends’ collective, serving natural nordic food. Our aim is to create unique dining experiences while taking into account the environment.

Laura Halonen


Psyche, climate, body, politics, material. Grand thoughts and slogans that are hard to grasp. My thoughts merge into one large mass, where they follow each other and collide, forming new factual connections chaotically and undistinguished.

Through my work as an artist I’m searching for peace in the contradictions of humanity, fascinating oddity and throughout connection.

I work through sculpturing and performance, depending on what tools I need. Often I need quietness at my studio for investigating the materials, infatuating with accidents. However sometimes I want to feel my body, lift myself in the air upside down and get confused.

haus de pnojekt


Haus de pnojekt is an artist collective formed by Anni Haunia and Rita Vaali. Our artistic practice is based on our friendship. At the moment we mainly work with textile art and installations. In addition to manual work and thinking together our practice consists of playing, feeling and talking about emotions.

For the Nielu exhibition we assemble an installation of old tents and other textile materials. The piece is a quirky camp which mixes together aesthetics of camping, high-tech and traditional handicrafts.

Kaisa Lempinen


I perceive the world largely through interdependence and the responsibility created by it: in order to exist, other things must exist too. In my actions I cannot detach them from affecting other organic and non-organic actors and levels of existence. I aim to minimize the damage and maximize the benefits of my actions.

Woah, that sounds like very strenuous idealism. And that it is.

It is clearly time for something new. I have learn skills, challenged my thinking ja mapped phenomenon through global effects. Contemplating on human nature has caused me many headaches.

Now I tickle my imagination waking up to happiness. I am a visual artist and a mother living in Turku.

Mikko Paakkonen


I work with painting and installations. In both I examine the same thing: impacts caused by humans in wastelands, non-places and public spaces. Such places include railroad sides, abandoned industrial buildings and desolate fallows. These serve as sources of materials for my works.

My painting starts with building the base through wearing out corroding materials before painting. I paint and wash away marks again and again, creating layers that have lasted for years in public surfaces. My installations have different directions, although they deal with the same topic. Sometimes I build direct observations of places, which I move to a gallery. Sometimes my work deals with fallows and materials found in them on a more abstract level. In Nielu I will build an installation contrasting forest and city spaces.

In recent years, the works of Paakkonen have been exhibited in Myymälä 2 and the ARTag Gallery in Helsinki, as well as in Mänttä Art Festival.

Sini Talonen


Art’s connection with nature, multisensory experiences’ and the opportunity to be involved are meaningful for me. I strive to build my work around strengthening the feeling of space and location. My pieces of art are often spaces, where spectators can dwell in. I search for a physical form of spaces through structures, materials, forms, light and rhythm.

I will build a piece of art to Nielu that contemplates humanity’s twofold relationship with nature. The piece is an opportunity to pause in a ritual-like moment.

Lauri Tujula


I am a 30-year old visual artist. At the moment I mainly work from Helsinki. At least that is where my home is. My work always happens where I am. Often that means a train or a bus. Perhaps that is why the medium of my works has lately been text. Emails, diaries or thoughts knitted as text has been my media.

My themes are often myself and my concerns about the world. Worries of what will happen to my niece in 2035.

Miska Varis


Space and material are the starting points of my work. A work of art is like a grid that sets the perceiver in a point of contradiction. In my work I try to find new possibilities and dilemmas hidden amongst conventions. To experiment and wonder is what matters the most.

I am fascinated by the paradox in human relation to nature. We tend to think nature as a somewhat separated counterpart to humanity and culture. On the other hand, we go camping and hiking just to feel connected with the forest. In Nielu I will explore this connection.

Pekko Vasantola


Our understanding of the world is shaped by the stories we have been told. I’m interested in information and communication. How information technology shapes our understanding of the world and changes the way we communicate. In the era of datafication, when we mostly communicate via platforms based on data collection and analysis, data has become the most valuable resource in the world. In my artistic work, I focus on different aspects of data gathering and phenomenons related to data.

In Nielu, I work as a curator and as an artist. My artworks for the exhibition looks into nonhuman communication.